Glen 2004
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East Coast June 1 - June 19 Final push to fix up the house. Also the Transit of Venus on June 8
West Coast May 27 - June 1 Home for the Memorial Day weekend. Worked in the back yard.

East Coast May 4 - 27 Started to get the house ready to sell. Installed Fence, and took a lot of pictures. I built a mosaic of the Boston Skyline that is 73k pixels wide. I attended the Vision Show in Boston.

West Coast April 22 - May 4 - Mardi Gras celebration in Benicia, Lunch with Loren, preparing for and receiving the 1025 gallon tank, taking some time off with Linda, adding a base to the tank, submitting a west coast proposal.
East Coast April 10 - 22 - Built "Easter Lake" on HO Train layout, Started the fence project, attended the MIT Technology Conference, brought first batch of Jim's Ribs across country.
West Coast March 30 - April 10 - Summary in Pictures. Fixing the Spring in Vallejo, Finding the Tank, having Gretchen and Tony over for Easter on Saturday (A nice time, but no pictures were taken...)
East Coast March 24 - March 30 - And another short few days home...
In Germany March 17 - March 24 - Got some snow on the day I was scheduled to leave for Germany. I visited George, and family, while attending CeBIT.
West Coast Feb 26 - March 11 - I met with people in Healdsburg, then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for a photo opportunity. Check out the zoom on my new digital camera! East Coast March 11 - 17 - Just long enough to catch my breath...