Backyard on May 21 and 19. Retaining wall coming along well.

Mosaics have gotten too big. This Boston Skyline and Harvard Bridge picture is 73,176 x 2,952. I had to fight a lot of limits to keep the full resolution. Took all day Monday to process the pixels.

New Back Yard on Sunday. Need to get back viewing cameras in place, and re-floor the closet.

Lobster Traps in Gloucester. Train Yard and Cambridge at night without a tripod. Next time, I'll take a tripod.

Saturday: Fence Installed and Tree Removed.

May 13 Summary Pictures.

Retaining wall delivered. Fencing contractor hired! I need better posts and one more Gothic section.

Flash 30-day trial started. Today's Pixel Set was shot at 100mm and integrated into a 22,000 by 2,450. I still have zooms at 200mm that I would like to hotspot in.

Train Cam and tele-presence operational today.

Fencing delivered! (retaining wall back-ordered)

Made two panoramic mosaics 9,354 x 2,695 and 11,896 x 1,666 (web roam using Zoomify technology)

I grabbed some Sunset Pixels at the Lake.

Retaining Wall Started.

Train Room Network Camera Operational!!! (Mac Users use Netscape or Mozilla. Safari and Explorer both fail with the Axis 2130 PTZ web pages).

Ordering fence, concrete, and red retaining wall for delivery on Thursday.

Fixing the Pump - Laundry is flowing again!

The Melrose house in the NorthEastern Spring... Preparing to sell the east coast house - should we make a web-site for it?

I attended the Vision Show in Boston.

East Coast May 4 - ?