Glen went to California from May 5 through the 19th. I had to fly from Boston to Philadelphia (cheap flight), and then to San Francisco, then get on down to San Jose.

The Apple World Wide Developer's Conference was in San Jose, May 6-10. The keynote speech was public, with lots or photographers and reporters. But the rest of the conference was under Non-Disclosure, so I can't say anything about it. I will say though that James Gosling, the man who invented Java (and also the Network Extensible Windowing System, which we implemented on a Pixar) was there.

After the conference, I took the train up to Martinez, and Gretchen picked me up there. She and Tony had donated a cruise on the LifeDancing to a charity, and raised a couple hundred dollars (not sure what the final winning bid was). But we delivered the Donated Cruise on Saturday, and I was the official photographer.

I made stayed in Benicia mostly working from the LifeDancing with it's DSL. I wanted to do some maintenance on the boat, so on two separate evenings, I reconditioned the bowsprit (half each evening). I saw the figurhead that Fred is carving. Linda has named her Isadora. I saw some sunsets, saw some birds, and took a most interesting trip to Berkely in the Van without a battery, for a meeting with our Chief Technology Officer, George... But that's another story.Tonight I'm just trying to get the photos on the web.

Friday I met Dennis, the real estate agent, who has been a friend of Gretchen's for 8 years. We looked from the web at the multiple listings site and analyzed lots of situations.

On Saturday, I got together with Bob and Fred, two people I am proud to have worked for in my 10 years at Livermore Lab. It was great to see them both. It was each of their first trip to the LifeDancing.

Saturday evening, Dennis and I had an interesting chat, as we started around 4:30 in Benicia, and headed north, looked at a house in Forestville. This is near the Russian River, where Linda and Wendy go to Jazz Festivals. We then went to the coast, tried to get to a house in Jenner (reminds me of my grandmother's name, Jenny), but only got to the gate. We looked around a bit, then headed back to the coast to catch the sunset. Then we went for dinner, and headed back for civilization around 10, returning to the LifeDancing around 11:35 that evening.

Then got up early, caught the sunrise, then drove the Van and Gretchen to the Vallejo shuttle, and headed for SFO. I flew home, and have been thinking about the next step in our westward migration ever since.